What Our Clients Are Saying About Their Experiences

Everybody has a life story and we take pride in preserving those memories in a most special way. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about their experiences.

Read what our happy customers are saying…

Recently my Husband and I celebrated our 60th Anniversary and our children gave us this as a gift. It is the best gift I have ever received. Ann was a pleasure to work with. She put us at ease and made the interview fun. We have watched the final copy and loved every minute. My children were equally impressed and have shared with other family members. I would recommend Ann and her staff to anyone.

-Phyllis and Jerry Rosenthal 2021

Perhaps my recorded audio-visual memoir will one day become the same priceless heirloom to my descendants as the last postcard from my Grandmother, who perished in the Holocaust, became to her descendants.  Learning more about me from the telling of my story might even enable my children and grandchildren to gain greater understanding and insight into their own lives as well as into mine.  I am filled with a sense of extreme admiration and sincere gratitude to Ann Smith and her videographer for the uniquely important and professional work that they have undertaken as well as for their ability to work seamlessly, side-by-side to make me feel comfortable throughout the interview process.  I am proud to be included among those who have chosen to embark upon this journey of self-reflection and self-revelation which evoked a wide range of emotions within me that moved me from laughter to tears at times during the recording of the interview.  I feel that the essence of my life story has been captured for posterity; and, I profoundly thank Ann for encouraging me to share my story and, in so doing, for giving me the gift of something resembling immortality.

– Elly Kaufman Miller 2020


Ann interviewed us together and separately.  Each conversation enabled us to capture our histories—both as a couple and as individuals.  Receiving her outline of possible topics to discuss in advance was very helpful for us to crystallize our thoughts.

Ann is a gifted interviewer.  She gracefully guided the interview, probing when she thought our thoughts deserved more amplification.  It was both fun and enlightening for us to have this experience.  More importantly, we are grateful that our children, grandchildren and their families will have this treasure of collective memories that will live on long after we are gone.

-Margie  & Marty D  2019

Our family is so grateful that we have our uncle’s personal history recorded, thanks to Life Stories Remembered, LLC   So many important facts and pieces of family history were captured, for current and future generations. Ann Smith provided a comprehensive outline of what to expect and handled any delicate matters with great sensitivity. She warmly engage our elderly uncle, and helped him feel comfortable and open to sharing stories and answering questions during the interview process. It is a wonderful gift to us to have the words of someone we love preserved, and it is a gift to him to know that his life and experiences matter.

-SV 10/2018

The interview process was excellent as Ann asked incisive, articulate and definitive questions.  The videographer had a great personality and was very low key so his work did not interfere with the interview itself.  My wife and I  were extremely pleased with the final product and gave copies to all of our children.  It was an enjoyable and fun experience and I would be happy to refer others to Life Stories Remembered, LLC.

-Jack and Helene Rosenzweig  7/2018

Our plan for Life Stories Remembered was as a gift to our parents. The family all sat together viewing the video. It’s hard to believe that after all these years there is still more to uncover, but because of Ann Smith’s compassionate yet probing inquires, there were surprises for all of us. There were several times we had to “stop the tape” to discuss the answers we were hearing!
We were very pleased with the quality of the video. The production was exceptional and I can’t say enough about Ann’s creative ability to elicit responses from our parents. I highly recommend Life Stories Remembered. Don’t wait until the memories are faded. The gift we planned for our parents turned out to be a gift for all of us – what a treasure that we could see it together.

Bob Greenwald, 7/21/2018

Life Stories Remembered is a wonderful opportunity to have a loved one share their life story for family and future generations. Ann Smith kindly and respectfully conducts interviews and has the ability to allow your loved one to share childhood memories, school experiences, relationships and life challenges. Preserving your loved ones legacy is a gift to your loved one and also to your family. My family learned many interesting highlights of my dad’s life that he felt comfortable sharing and reliving with Ann. Many things he spoke of we learned of for the first time. Truly a treasure for family! Thank you Ann!

Kimberly Obeid | 4/22/2018

Ann interviewed both my mother and me at separate times and about 8 years apart for Life Stories Remembered. After my mother passed away I re-listened to her CD recently. It was amazingly wonderful to hear her voice again as she recounted her memories. It was simply priceless–like she was right next to me. I had heard many of her stories before throughout the years, but I always learn something new when I listen to her CD. My experience sharing my own memories with Ann several months ago was quite special, but in a different way. Ann is an astute and compassionate interviewer who carefully elicits memories that I’m sure my daughter and future grandchildren will be blessed to listen to . She is very well-prepared and professional in her approach. I think anyone who cares about their own legacy and about their family’s future generations will benefit from this experience. In addition, my mother was the sister of the internationally renown artist, ROY LICHTENSTEIN, and her Life Stories Remembered interview is now part of the ROY LICHTENSTEIN FOUNDATION.

Lynn T. | 7/16/2017

As I entered my sixth decade, in anticipation of experiencing retirement and a significant life cycle event, I used the Life Stories Remembered process to help me positively anticipate a future with unknown possibilities. Preparing for the interview questions gave me the time and motivation to reflect on my life to that point, and consider what my future might bring. It was a life reflection process that did what I hoped, plus left my documented reflections as a legacy for my family.

lGL | 7/16/2017

Numerous persons, families, and organizations have become most interested in recording oral memoirs in order to preserve the depth and meaning they offer. Ann Smith possesses the skill and sensitivity necessary to make Life Stories Remembered, LLC a successful undertaking. Her professional credentials and experience make her very well suited to recording and documenting oral histories. The project will benefit not only the parties involved, but the broader community as well, for historical preservation of this types enhances the general understanding of our past.

Dr. Robert P. Wolensky, Director, Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. Director, Northeastern Pennsylvania Oral and Life History Project, King’s College Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania | 7/16/2017

Our Life Stories Remembered videos are especially precious to have now that my father has passed away. We are forever grateful to Ann for the service she provides and the sensitive manner in which she conducted the interview. Ann interviewed my parents years ago. When our father was ill and could no longer communicate we finally watched them. It is comforting, touching and enlightening to be able to see and hear our father speak about his life and it was very helpful as our family collaborated together to write his eulogy. Thank you Ann for this everlasting treasure.

Sherry D. | 7/16/2017

I am deeply grateful to Ann Smith for her highly professional services. I can personally attest to the sensitive, conscientious, and respectful biographical interviews she did with my father. I cannot overstate how precious and fascinating the tapes and transcripts are to me and my family. I highly recommend her services”

Daniel Rosenn, MD Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry Harvard Medical College Boston, Massachusetts | 7/16/2017

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